Create A Site

If you do not already have a Site, create one by navigating to Setup > Sites. Once you have registered your domain name, use the New button to create a new Site record. Supply the following values:

Field Value
Active Site Home Page CreateServiceOrder
Active true
Site Template SiteTemplate

Setup Site Profile

The anonymous site user will need access to Cases for our project, so give this to them with the following steps:

  1. Click the Public Access Settings button on the Site detail page.
  2. Click the Edit buton at the top of the profile page.
  3. Check the Read and Create boxes for the Case object.
  4. Save your changes.

Test Your Site

Test your site by clicking the Preview as Admin link for your site in the Custom URLs related list. If your site is correctly setup, you should see the CreateServiceOrder page.

Explore Site Template

Take a few minutes to explore the Visualforce pages and components that make up the site. We will be working closely with these so it will be much easier for you if you are familiar with the template structure. The basic markup of the site is as follows:

   > SiteHeader.component
   > SiteFooter.component

If you are not familiar with the # and / syntax, # means begin and / means end. This syntax originated from mustache.